~WaRdEn-EvErYbOdY LoVeS ME!~

~WaRdEn-EvErYbOdY LoVeS ME!~

S02e02 021

The Warden (also known as Warden or Wardy) is the administrative officer and owner of Superjail. He is Roleplayed by Rigbybestie.


Despite his high authority, he prefers to act like a child and let everyone else do all of the work for him. He often gets in trouble with his rather childish and hare-brained schemes to have fun, sometimes ending up having everyone sucked into the mess (including himself) and ends up in a massive cesspool of madness. He has quite a close relationship with Jailbot, to the point of letting him do EVERYTHING for him (making Warden completely dependent on Jailbot at all times).